Interview with Author Stephen Gane


Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.31.55 PMWhat is your book’s genre or category and what draws you to the genre as a writer?

The genre is Crime Thriller

Can you describe the story in one or two sentences for our readers?

A story of redemption, how unforeseen events can change a person’s life.

Tell us the story behind the story. What influenced you to write it and how long did it take you?

I was 65 years old and suffering from dyslexia I’ve always had problems with reading and spelling so writing a novel never entered my head. But, Christmas 2013, I had a dream and had to write the story. Seven weeks and three days later “A Questionable Hero” was finished. And now I have written the sequel. I hope you enjoy reading my novels as much as I enjoy writing them.

Give us insight into your main character. What does he do that is so special?Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.30.05 PM

Liston Pearce is a black gangster a yardie from a poor part of Bristol. An unforeseen event changed his life.

Is there a part of you in any of the characters?

There are elements of my character in Liston Pearce.

What is the message in your books that you want your readers to grasp?

The message is anyone can change, everyone has choice.

If you assigned an actor/actress to the characters in your novel, who would they be?

Liston Pearce would be Denzel Washington, Leon Brown would be Wesley Snipes

What is your current writing project and when will it be released?

My current project is preparing the final draft in the Liston Pearce trilogy, it goes to my editor 4th April 2016 and should be available approximately two months later.

How do you find the time to write?

I am retired so time is not an issue for me.

How can readers find you online?





Excerpt from A Questionable Hero

     Liston left her flat on a bright, late October afternoon. A breeze had got up and a slight shiver went through his bones so he pulled the black hood of his jacket over the black bandanna he had tied around his head. Liston liked wearing black: it made him feel and look like the hard man, which in fact he was.

     The trees had lost their leaves; they were blowing about and drifting into the gutters at the sides of the road. With just a short walk to get back to his car, he set off in a good mood.

     He had walked a few hundred yards down the road from Inez’s flat when he heard shouting and screams. Immediately he hurried toward the cries.

     A young white man was attacking a policewoman. He had stabbed her in the back with what looked like a large kitchen knife and was bending over her, about to strike again at her motionless, blood-spattered body. The young man looked up with a blank expression on his face to see a tall black man standing in front of him. He raised the knife again, ready to thrust it deep into the back of the policewoman. Without a moment’s hesitation, Liston pulled his German WWII Walther P38 pistol from his coat pocket. Two shots shattered the silence of the cool, otherwise peaceful afternoon. One bullet hit the attacker in the chest, the other in the stomach. The man seemed to fall in slow motion on top of the policewoman’s body. In blind panic, Liston ran, his heart pounding. It felt like it was about to burst out of his chest.

     This started a series of events that he could never have foreseen, even in his wildest imagination.


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