Interview With Author J.M. Davies

It was my pleasure to interview J.M. Davies!

Keep your eye on this author! Her book, The Witches Heart was a pleasure to read and a real page-turner. I can’t wait to read more from her.

Read on to find out how she crafts her stories.

What draws you to the Paranormal Romance genre as a writer? 

I was born in Wales, which is rich with Celtic lore and legend, plus; I was surrounded by magical woodlands, and castles full of history. I think therefore, I have an inherent flare for all things paranormal. I’m also a day dreamer who loves authors such as Diana Gabaldon, Cassandra Clare, Deborah Harkness, Amelia Hutchins, Pitticus Lore, Claudy Conn, Christine Feehan as well as authors such as Dan Brown and many more. Mix all that together and hey presto, one wild imagination for all possibilities.   

Can you describe The Witch’s Heart  in one or two sentences for our readers? 

The Witch’s Heart is a paranormal romance, the second book in The Rise of Orion series. It’s about love, betrayal, and forgiveness.
A pregnant soul-shifter alias ”The Witch” loves her husband, but when the professor snatches her baby will she be betrayed once again by the love of her life?

How did you come up with the mythology of the Elusti? 

Research! You only have to look back in history and read about dictators and cults to find rich pieces to use when writing fiction. When you create a group such as Orion, who are gifted individuals with an agenda to keep the peace, you have to balance it out with an evil force they have to fight. In this case, the Elusti headed by the billionaire Mr. Larry Stein who outwardly is a successful business man, but his goal is to use the magic in the world to reign in and take control of mankind.   

I found Ella to be a multifaceted character equipped to handle many of the complicated situations she forced to deal with. Where do think her strength comes from?

The character Ella Masters is a particular favorite of mine because despite all that she has faced in each of her lives, she remains a loving and caring individual. In Capturing the Last Welsh Witch, you saw how love was always out of reach and how when she thought at last she had found true love she was let down. She gives up looking. That is the point that love finds her in the most unexpected way in the form of Marcus Drayton. I also believe Ella is a survivor, and despite what happens, she picks herself up to face whatever comes her way as she does in The Witch’s Heart. I love to write about characters who are multi-layered with strengths and weaknesses. Ella has both!

Give us insight into Marcus. He’s clearly obsessed and in love with Ella but I sense a dark struggle in him. Can you elaborate?

Marcus Drayton is a sexy, stubborn, alpha-male who is a trained killer. He’s ex-navy SEAL and worked for the FBI in the past, but now is the second in command in Orion. He was a bad boy with a love em and leave em take on life, but when he meets the feisty Ella Masters feels an instant draw that catches him by surprise. However, his past haunts him. His mother was committed to a psychiatric hospital due to paranoid delusions, and was locked away for most of his life. His father was murdered, thus he grew up quickly with little love or attention shown to him. He doesn’t believe in love or anything other than hard cold fact. In book one, he struggles with his feelings and the realization that all he knew about his life was a lie to protect him. He discovers the real reason his mother was locked away, why his father was murdered and how he is connected to Ella. In the second book, there is a shift in the relationship with Ella and the darkness resurfaces. He is a tormented soul!    

I loved the dark suspense elements in the book. The tone kept me turning the page. Do you conceive your stories like this as a writer or are they romantic first then layered with suspense?

As a writer, I’m always learning and stretching myself when creating stories.  I believe a good story has many elements to it! Strong characters that have flaws as well as redeeming sides which even in a paranormal story make them realistic which I believe is important. I try to make the plots layered as I enjoy stories that are written that way. I love a good mystery and suspense story, but I also love the romance and love that develops between characters which is never straight forward.

Are there other writers in your genre that you love and would recommend?

My reading taste is varied, but in paranormal romance, my go to author at the moment would be the delightful Amelia Hutchins. Her series, The Fae Chronicles is addictive. I bought the first book Fighting Destiny and devoured it. I loved it so much I bought the entire series. I also love Cassandra Clare and The Mortal Instruments series. 

EXCERPT FROM THE PROLOGUE- The Witch’s Heart (The Rise of Orion Book 2)

“It’s time to go, Ella. Come on.”

The carton of milk slipped through her fingers and crashed to the floor with a heavy thud. Milk gushed forth like a burst water main. She stared at the mess spreading over the linoleum and snapped her gaze up. The narrow and cold gray glare of Aidan O’Connor, the professor, met hers. A man she once considered a friend. A man she was accused of murdering. Now she wished she had. Terrified, she backed away. But a sharp pinprick in her arm made her twist around with her fists raised ready to fight. There stood a sumo wrestler of a man she didn’t recognize, but in his hand, he held a syringe. Cold, fixed determination faced her from pitch-black eyes and a wide mouth that smiled with confidence. Anger fizzed inside, and she growled. She darted her gaze around, looking for Jake, but she couldn’t see him.

Ella twisted back to face the reptile of a man whom she loathed. The desire to kill him rose like bile in the back of her throat, and she dove at him. She raised her energy levels, determined to fight. He wanted her baby. Briefly, she stared down at her bump as her blood pulsed through her veins and pounded loud in her ears. The two voices around her grew distant. Ella slammed her fist toward his chest, but Aidan blocked it with his ready hand. A suffocating weakness climbed through her body, leaving her boneless and about to collapse. She staggered against Aidan’s reedy frame, and he snaked his arm around her waist to hold her tight against him.

“Now, I wouldn’t fight, Ella. The drug Ketalar is in your system and it works fast. It’s going to render you incapable of screaming or talking at all soon. All your strength will slip away and you will not be able to stand. You have no choice but to come willingly or your baby will die. Come now, sweet Ella. It’ll be all right.”

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  1. Jennifer Davies August 7, 2017 at 11:34 AM #

    Thanks Connie, you’re very kind! It was wonderful to chat with you about my writer’s life, and The Rise of Orion series. I’m grateful to be highlighted on your blog, and I’m always happy to talk and meet new authors, and readers!

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