About Connie Brentford

Connie Brentford

Nathan Road, Hong Kong

Hello fellow readers and authors. I’m Connie Brentford and I’m a digital nomad, writer and BOOK FANGIRL. My goal at We Love Readers is to make it easy for you (and me) to find the best free and bargain books on the very day the author has discounted the price.  We publish a short list of  free and bargain bestsellers almost every day. There’s good stuff out there!

What I do

I love interviewing authors, telling you about their book giveaways and contests and picking their brains about the amazing worlds they create for us as readers.  I read books in most genres but my two favorite genres are Paranormal Romance and Horror. Spooky, dark, thrilling books are the best. I’m a huge fan of book to movie/series entertainment like the fabulous Walking Dead Graphic novels from Robert Kirkman or Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series which became True Blood. I’m book fan but I’m a fan of good writing in any form.

How I operate

I’m a full-time traveler which means I drag a suitcase (sometimes with books) everywhere I go. Getting my first e-reader and packing fewer books made a HUGE difference in my life as a reader. I’ve been living a nomad life with my husband, also a writer, for over ten years now. We raised six children together and then we started traveling. We’ve lived in dozens of countries and I’ve been able to visit so many places where my favorite authors lived.

About me

I’ve made my living as a writer in one form or another for over a decade. We Love Readers is one of several online businesses I run and it is MY JOY. Helping authors get discovered and gain a readership and fans is my pleasure. Helping readers find a new author to try in their favorite genre at a free or discounted price is the goal of We Love Readers.


Resting for minute at a crypt door at Melaten-Friedhof Cemetery in Cologne, Germany

Feel free to contact me here: connie @ welovereaders (dot) com

We love readers. We really do!

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