Collected Christmas Horror Shorts

Today’s installment is a little bit of Christmas horror. Christmas (shopping) can be horrifying in many ways, eh? I admit I’ve been a fan of Christmas and it’s darker, more ghostly side since I first read, Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Those rattling chains of Jacob Marley scared me and thrilled me as young reader. There’s a happy Christmas at the end but for me, it was really all about Marley and the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. That cemetery scene rocked. I wanted a spin-off series with those guys.

I just started reading this collection myself so a review is in the works. I can recommend to my readers with a so far, so good rating.

Below, one of the authors, Kevin J. Kennedy gives us the description. If you like Christmas in all its horrifying glory and have time between your shopping and your family plans, have a look!

Be good, kids. Remember, the Krampus is watching!

Connie B.

Christmas is often thought of as a time of joy and cheer, a time for giving to others, a time of celebration and love…. Well, this year some of the best voices in horror fiction decided to band together and tell you some tales about a different kind of Christmas, so grab yourself a mug of hot chocolate, close the curtains, lock the door and get comfy. This will be a Christmas like never before!

Collected Christmas Horror Shorts was released on the 30th of November 2016 and quickly moved into the top ten on Amazon, both in the UK and America. It hasn’t left the top three in the UK but mainly sits in the number one spot. The book has been gaining some impressive feedback in the horror world. Kevin J. Kennedy has brought together a fantastic group of seasoned Authors, Bram Stoker award winners and nominees mixed with some upcoming indie authors to produce a Christmas anthology filled with a great variety of tales to keep you up at night.

collected christmas
12 Days (Psychopath Remix) by J.C. Michael (poem)
Thy Will be Done by J.C. Michael
Tommy’s Christmas by John R. Little
Naughty or Nice by Veronica Smith
Santa’s Midnight Feast by J.L. Lane
Hung With Care by Ty Schwamberger
Santa Came by Peter Oliver Wonder
In the Bag by Tim Curran
The Christmas Spirit by Lisa Morton
The Tome of Bill Cristmas Carol by Rick Gualtieri
Killing Christmas by Andrew Lennon
All Naughty, No Nice by Michael A. Arnzen
A Disappointed Shade of Blue by C.S. Andserson (poem)
Stuffed Pig by Steven Murray
The Night Before Christmas by Suzanne Fox
Better Watch Out by Willow Rose
Deck The Halls by Xtina Marie (poem)
Christmas Market by Amy Cross
Merry Fuckin’ Christmas by Kevin J. Kennedy
The Veil by Rose Garnett
The Last Christmas Dinner by Christina Bergling
The Present by Israel Finn
Christmas Carole by Lisa Vasquez
Slay Bells by Weston Kincade

Edited by Brandy Yassa

Cover design by Lisa Vasquez


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