Interview with Charles Anikpe Author of Duplicity


What is your book’s genre or category? 

Well, since a kid I’ve been a keen reader of thriller novels, I have so much fun writing thriller books and probably my nearest future will see me writing only this genre but I don’t feel to be bond to the thriller genre only. My first self published book Duplicity is something between a thriller and a mystery-suspense, it’s an enticing short read. In my opinion a real page turner.


Can you describe the story in one or two sentences for our readers?

Surely. Duplicity is the personal story of Connor Donovan who will go through triumphs and misfortunes as he battles with demons in a very real struggle between good and evil.

Tell us the story behind the book. What influenced you to write it and how long did it take you to finish the book?

I actually got inspired by my late father who was a writer too, he wrote different novels under the name of Barry Ries but never had the opportunity to pubblish them, so I’m trying to pay him homage with this series and by using his great outlining process. It took me about two weeks to complete Duplicity (the first one only).

Do you have plans to write more books?

Yes, I’m a real workaholic, I’ll be releasing other three or two books within the next month. On the 11 of January Duplicity II will be out. The other books might be short novellas.

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How can readers find you online?

Well, I actually have a twitter account I created recently but I have no idea how it works, as soon as I have more time I’m going to learn more about it. I feel that those who love my writing should follow me on Twitter because I’ll be asking questions, opinions, doing giveaways and it’s an opportunity to know me better. I’m probably going to create a website too, where I’ll be reviewing books and blogging, showing the behind scenes of my future manuscript and so on. Who knows.

DUPLICITY is available on Amazon here.

You can connect with Charles on Twitter. @WriteThriller

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